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Performance Checklist

Performance Checklist-
Required Performance Supplies and CHECKLIST for Performance Students:

 PERFORMANCE READY with attire/hair/makeup as listed below
□ Healthy Lunch and Snacks: Dancers are to bring their own clean (no sauces!) and healthy lunch and snacks in a clearly marked bag or lunchbox. This will be placed upon arrival on a designated table until break time.
□ Nude Leotard: Must have Spaghetti straps or clear straps □ Performance Pink Tights: It is recommended to keep a new pair and spare in their performance bag. NO TEARS or HOLES PLEASE!
□ Dance Shoes: Ballet shoes AND POINTE Shoes (if On Pointe)
□ Dance Shoe Boot: Full Boot or cover such as Warm up boots, slippers, Heavy Socks or other type of protective shoe covering to wear over dance shoes or to wear during performance breaks.
Dancers may purchase black or the pink and black version if purchasing warm up boots as per example. Dancers may purchase them at On Pointe Dance Wear or the location of their choice. (Also Comes in Child sizes) Any brand is acceptable.

□ Cover Up: To keep your dancer clean when not in costume:
Large Button front shirt or light robe to wear over nude leotard when taking a performance break or eating during meal break. Note: (Cover Up Must NOT go over head unless it has a large opening since bun and headpiece may remain on during breaks)
□ Makeup: FOR ALL: Light Pink Blush, Light Pink Lip tint, lipstick or gloss
Note: NO NAIL POLISH UNLESS NUDE OR BASIC FRENCH for any performance! (Or unless designated by the Artistic Director for a specific role)

□ Makeup WIPES: Make sure to have your own pack of makeup wipes to remove/change
makeup as needed.
□ Hair: Hair nets, PLENTY OF bobby pins!, hair spray/gel NOTE: All hair nets, bobby pins etc must blend in with their hair color as closely as possible and not stand out. Hair is to be Secured Neatly in ballet bun. NO BANGS. For bun height: Place your hand flat on top of the dancer’s head with fingers pointing to the back. The bun should be level with the hand, not higher and it should be near the crown, not low! High enough without being seen from the front.
□ Accessories: NO jewelry of any kind unless specifically needed for their costume. NOTE: (This includes earrings. Do not get piercings near show time!)
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